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Tamworth Country Music Cares Concert – January 25th 7pm

We are happy and honoured this year to be one of the sponsors for the Tamworth “Country Music Cares” Concert at The Tamworth Town Hall, Wednesday 25th January at 7pm. Please come along and support, and celebrate,  all the good people helping to protect our Water Resources, Agricultural Land, Cultural Heritage and our “Right To Life” . Music is after all, the Universal Language of Unity. xxx PRB

Lock the gate Country Music Cares Low Res




I hate doing this but i must face my worst fears.

Our group OLOWOF Inc has asked me to try and help


Being a really independent free spirited fringe dwelling kinda dude i really don’t like to spruke for funds hence the reason i guess we don’t have any !!!

In a nutshell………..

OLOWOF Inc only has $200 in the bank and we do heaps of good work saving the planet ….. and we do it for free so please consider either donating a little something , subscribing for $10 a year or maybe buy a T Shirt, Singlet or Car Magnet.

Cheers xxx PRB




Important Leard Forest Gathering this Monday

Hi all and welcome to the OLOWOF Inc mailing list and new integrated website  We will be posting information about important national events (mainly NSW) concerned with protection of Water, The Environment, Agricultural Lands and Cultural Heritage.

To begin this Monday The Gomeroi are asking for your support to join them before their last sacred site in the Leard State Forest is destroyed forever. For those that are not aware, the Gomeroi were unable to access any of their sacred sites in the Leard Forest and for two years fought and won a court battle against Whitehaven Coal based on the freedom of right to spiritual practise. Despite this victory and Environment Minister Greg Hunt having all the paperwork to protect these sites, Whitehaven Coal has continued to desecrate their sites and our government continues to turn a blind eye,  now there is but one remaining.

It is lovely to see beautiful speeches from Malcolm Turnbull on “closing the gap” with first nation and Environment Minister Greg Hunt being awarded minister of the year, but when these events are happening at exactly the same time can we really take any of it seriously ???

Lawlers Well is within the next clearing region of the Leard State Forest and the Gomeroi are asking for our support. This is a peaceful gathering on a travelling stock route (tsr) i.e public land and free for all to join.

Please share this event far and wide and i hope to see some of you there xxx PRB

Concert For Country – Australia Day – Breeza Hall

OLOWOF Inc are very happy to announce a “Concert For Country” on Australia day at the Breeza Hall. A wonderful group of musicians including gold guitar winner “Luke O’Shea” , legendary Northern Rivers singer songwriter “Luke Vassella” , travelling bard and activist “Paul Robert Burton” , Michael The Living Poet, Tom Avery “Black Boi”, Tom Coulson and more to be announced. This is a free event open to everyone and in support of all good people fighting to protect Our Land Our Water & Our Future. Supported by key groups in the region and focusing on protection of Water, Environment, Agricultural Lands and Cultural Heritage.