Spacial Information Exchange (SIX)

What is the Spacial Information eXchange (SIX)

SIX is a one stop shop to access NSW land and property related information, map and image viewers for a range of users including government, the survey sector and the general public.

The SIX Portal provides access to:

View a wide selection of NSW spatial datasets, including property, cadastral and topographic information, satellite data and aerial photography via the SIX application
Purchase and view various land and property related information such as land title, valuation services and image and plan services
Explore and search LPI’s metadata, as well as to contribute to the NSW Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) hosted by LPI (Land & Property Information)
Details about the electronic delivery channels available to customers wanting to access and apply LPI’s key spatial datasets within their own applications.

Spacial Information Exchange (SIX)

SIX Maps

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